The definition of education

Education is an effort to learn and teach some experience or knowledge to the people. Education is needs a role from the people to develop their self potency actively. Education encompasses teaching and learning process. People are not teach or learn about knowledge, but also try to develop their spiritual strength, self control, personality, intelligence, and also skill that need by their self and their society.

Education refer to all experiences which the people can learn something. Education is broad concept. Education consists of teaching technical competency or skill, but the most important and more deeply is process to giving knowledge, consideration and wisely.

There are two kinds of education. They are formal education and informal education. Formal education consists of teaching and learning by teacher and use systematical instructions. But in informal education, teaching and learning comes from experience in practicing a profession, usually by professional. There are some systems of formal education.

They are primary education, secondary education, higher education, and more kinds of education systems. Each system consists of schooling starting of age. For example primary school, when a kids has been at age 5 or 6 they must enroll to the school. Education is important for everyone. Education is one way to get success. There are many types of school offering you good education out there. Joining and find your next future.