Maximizing Health

Health is good condition in our body. Health is means you feel good with your body. You are in the best performance in your life. According to World Health Organization or WHO state that health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities. But, beside all of this state, we know that health is most important matter in our life.

Health is more precious than everything because without health people can not do anything.
People spend much money to get health and will spend more if they are not health or got sick or illness. Health encompasses body or physical health, mental health, and even spiritual or soul health. These are aspects of health that must we have. Physical health can get by doing sport or exercises. Mental and spiritual health can get with many ways, such as prayer, positive thinking, stress management and more.

Like a thing or tools, health is also need maintenance. Keep on food nutrition, sport, life style is way to health maintenance. What people eat is sometime affect their life and their performance. Food with low nutrition make the body have not enough nutrition to help it grow up. For some people, bad performance is caused by mal nutrition. Sport is second way to get health after nutrition, sport or doing exercise help people to be more health. And the last keep on life style with no smoking, no drugs, and no alcohol.