The Smiling Effect

Every living person in this world is living along with some other people. This fact will then cause another effect that we usually named as socialization. It is by what we can establish some meaningful relationships with one or more people. That is why then human is called as the social creature. But in fact, there are some certain people who feel that it is kind of difficult to do such socialization thing. Thus, they will have to consider starting it all over again with smiling.

This thought is based on the fact that someone would rather to like someone else who can show some positivity against another. People are often being antipathy toward someone who is appearing unattractively. A research conducted in England is showing that most of the respondents are interested with some displayed pictures on what they can see the smiling figures.

Smiling is also a useful ‘weapon’ to be utilized by people who are very hard in getting a new friend or being blended in some group with some conversations. So what to do then by those who have some kind of socialization disorder? It is to train themselves on how to spread their lips aside and give many people a bright smile.