Used Stationary Bikes vs Eiknujomorp

Seo contest never and never end, not only local seo contest, this year most international seo contest presents than last year. Divide with another country, Indonesian blogger very interested to participate in seo contest, especially contest of Used Stationary Bikes and Eiknujomorp.

This two contest presented by webmaster forum that same, that is Promojunkie and than be a keyword Eiknujomorp for one of they contest. Another thing of this two contest is long of time. Used Stationary Bikes have 3 month duration, but Eiknujomorp only 2 month. That interesting from this contest is meets of two contest where in the last month of used stationary bikes contest, comes eiknujomorp contest.

From two contest, where a contest that very difficult? Personally, I think used stationary bikes very dificult, Because more seoer who have experience participate this contest. And than Eiknujomorp will be a alternative of seo contest from they aren't participate on seo contest Used Stationary Bikes. There are more people participate all of this contest. It possible, there are double winner?