The Factors That Affects Your Auto Insurance Rates

auto_insurance_rates You're might be already planning to talk to a car insurance agent or already at the point where you compare auto insurance quotes. But before doing these things or your already doing these things, might as well stop for a few moments Auto insurance companies, when computing for your insurance rates take into consideration a number of factors. These factors can either make car insurance cheap auto insurance or expensive auto insurance, depending on how you understand and utilize these factors. And the following factors are:

1. DRIVER'S AGE. Almost everyone, if not all, base their judgments or decisions on statistics, meaning almost everyone believe or are influenced by statistics. Even auto insurance companies are also influenced by such statistics, and the most influential to them and the first factor is the age of a person. According to statistics that sometimes are made or performed also by insurance companies, student or teenage drivers and old drivers are considered a high risk for accidents, while ages from 24 to 40 rates lower, but the lowest rate goes to those aging 40 to 50.

2. DRIVER'S DRIVING HISTORY. When it comes to the second factor that affects car insurance rates, which is driving history, it does not matter whether in what group of age you are included. Meaning even if you are in the lowest rate when it comes to age factor, which is 40 to 50, if your driving record is filled with abundant number of traffic tickets, accidents, and other traffic violations, you are still considered a high risk driver. So it also means that although you're a teenage driver, that is a high risk type, if you have only few violations, you can be considered a low risk driver.

3. FREQUENT CASES OF AUTO THEFT BECAUSE OF LOCATION. Sad to say but insurance companies discriminate a driver if he/she lives in the city or not. Because in the city high crime rate is prominent, compared to other areas, and thus living in the city may contribute to a higher auto insurance rate. Keep note also that, because of the rise of auto theft cases, which include not just stealing of expensive or luxury cars, stealing of not the whole car but parts only, and other kinds of auto theft cases, it is advantageous to have a secured parking space to get cheaper insurance rate.

4. OTHER REASONS BECAUSE OF LOCATION. Not only because your area is theft infested that you're considered as high risk driver, it is also because of the fact that your area is congested or populated. Because if the place has a lot of people it also means that there are a lot of drivers, and thus making roads and streets also congested making the possibility of accident higher.

5. TYPE OF VEHICLE. Luxury cars, brand new cars, mini vans, sports car, old or vintage cars, and other car types affect your insurance rate in different ways. Simply because luxury cars and brand new cars are of course more prone to auto theft cases. And sports cars are prone to accident compared to mini vans which has hard maneuverability sometimes. And other situations with other types of car can either be your advantage or disadvantage on your insurance rate.