Increasing Number of Visitors Blog

If you have a blog site, the next step that you need to do is introduce your site to the public. Of course you will be pleased and happy when the articles, poems or stories that you publish a blog site commented by other people. And you certainly do not want if you work it just that you just enjoy it. The following are the steps that you can travel to increase traffic to your blog site:

A. Directory Listing to a special Blog, at least to some of the sites below:


The task blog directory is posting the data and send you to various search engines, including the big three search engines, namely,,

B. Switch Link (more) or Link Exchange
Invite friends or anyone who has that many visitors to exchange links. Ask them to enter your link, then return as they enter the link in your blog site. Or you can register to link exchange providers, such as in or you can search through the search engine by typing the keyword "free link exchange"

C. Many comments in another Blog
Be diligent visit to the other blog and do not forget to always leave your comments and typing the web address of your blog.

D. Write the address of Signature at your e Mail
Do not forget to make signature by entering the email address of your blog website. Each person you send an email would always read the final part of your email, and they will try for clicks the link.