Charter School: Solution for Immigrants to Keep Their Culture

If you are an immigrant with kids, you must find it quite difficult to let your kids learn about their culture. It is true that public school will make them easier to adapt with their environment, but you might be surprised with the bad effect of American culture that is 180 degrees different than your own culture. For example, if you teach your kids to obey their parents as the culture you bring from your origin, your kids will learn the opposite at their school. The freedom of expressing their feeling among American family has made them take it in the wrong way. Your kids which haven’t able to name which one is right and which one is wrong will swallow the examples they get from their school and implements it in the daily life.

The problem will also occur when you are a Muslim immigrant. Public schools commonly don’t serve food that meets the dietary requirements of Muslims and they also don’t have special room for Muslim to pray. This condition will affect he academic goals that you and your kids have already set. As minority, asking for compensation in everything your kids is doing will make them become even more far with their friends at school.

Regarding this situation, the idea of Charter school will be the best solution. Charter schools are publicity financed but independently run. It is conceived as a way to improve academic performance as well as shielding immigrant children from American youth culture. Even though some critics argue that charter schools are contributing to a growing re-segregation of public education, the fact is the children learn faster and more focus at charter school. Charter school will also provide composure for the parents on their kid’s safety, which is why it becomes more demanded in the immigrant community at America.