Knows the Marketing Strategy

For consumers, we also need to know about the marketing techniques used by companies to maximize the selling of their products. We often think that companies use bad marketing method which makes customers as their victims. Many people get bad experiences on buying things. Some companies give excellent promotions with deprived service. We often get fooled with their promotions and buy their products but we end up disappointed because we do not get the product as the promotion. This makes us think that companies are not on our side and always against us.

One of the marketing expertises reveals some unexpected facts for customers. Lee Gallagher as one of the marketing expertise with years of experience in big companies reveals some marketing facts in It is a blog about marketing messages which are specialize on personalized, timely and targeted marketing. On this blog, we can get some important information about the marketing strategies. Lee Gallagher’s famous posting in about Drive ROI, Know your customers! This posting informs how important for marketers to know what customers needed. It will help any marketer to understand the market demand and able to give the suitable products. This posting also wants to show to customers how the company’s marketers are really care about them and always provides the products suitable to their needs.

The blog also show the company’s marketers are worried about the global financial crisis. It has affected their selling rate. This crisis has made companies prepare the marketing solution to increase their selling rate. Because actually every company dependent to its customers. They have to provide the best product to attract more customers, so their selling rate can get higher and they can get benefits. This knowledge on marketing strategies can help us to spend our money carefully and get the best product, especially in this financial crisis.