Government to Provide High Quality Education

Human’s life is affected by many aspects, such as economical, politics, culture, and social. Perhaps there has been enough attention and actions taken to deal with the first four aspects, but sometimes both the government and the society forget and often ignore the last aspect, the social life. Social aspect covers all interactions and events taking place within the society. It may be the housing system, the health service system, or the employment structure. All of the social structure is built upon a fundamental base, that is the educational system. Unfortunately, the government and the society pay inadequate attention on education issue.

Education becomes very important and plays a very significant role in the society’s development of characteristics, because education determines the quality of the component in the society. A good and qualified education will develop well educated and qualified human resource, while an incomplete education will be an obstacle in developing the quality of the human resource completely. Due to the significance of education for the development of the society, a well structured and meaningful education is in need to be designed and managed immediately. Nevertheless, sometimes the government cannot take the responsibility of providing qualified and affordable education system completely. Some countries even failed in constructing the system, resulting in the lack of qualified human resource which then leads to poverty and social degradation. Private institutions or organizations are trying to take over the responsibility of providing qualified education, but sometimes it is too expensive to be obtained by middle to low class society.

The government should think over the education system in its country all over again, and should immediately design and develop qualified and affordable educational system for all layers of society in its country to develop qualified human resources for a better future of the country