The Impact of Technology in Education

Technology plays important roles in our life. It enables us to do our activities easier. Something that might be so difficult to do in the past, can be done easily with the technology innovations. No want will argue that technology also give huge impact in educational field. With technology, teaching and learning activities can be more interesting and fun. It may also help the learners to get the lesson objectives faster than the manual and conventional way.

Almost all schools nowadays have been using computer and internet technology in their educational systems. It is used to deliver the information and knowledge to the learners. Further, it also gives fun education for the students. The audio and video functions in a computer easily engage the knowledge in each study lesson with the students' understanding of the lesson. The programs in a computer such as PowerPoint allows to display animation features that can attract the students' interest in learning the subject matter.

Meanwhile, internet technology can be an effective tool in acquiring students' knowledge. With internet technology, the students are able to search any information that can be useful to add their comprehensive in the lesson. Technology is now regarded as a more effective tools rather than textbook. Since technology plays important roles in educational field, computer even becomes a school curriculum in some countries.